From morphological alterations to definitive clinical diagnosis - the Ultrasonography investigation’s role in Carpal tunnel syndrome’s diagnostics


  • Zaralieva Aicha UMBAL “Tsaritsa Ioanna - ISUL”, Bulgaria; MC “Sport Med”, Bulgaria
  • Ivanov Martin MC “Sport Med”, Bulgaria
  • Beleva Irina MC “Sport Med”, Bulgaria
📧Corresponding author


Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition which manifests in cases of compression or tension of n.medianus in the wrist area. This condition is the most commonly diagnosed mononeuropathy from compression. EMG is the gold standard for diagnostics of n.medianus injuries. However, recently ultrasonography has proved advantageous, and it is used more often in clinical practice for the dynamic monitoring of patients’ injuries. Great benefits of the US diagnostics are its broad availability and easy differential diagnosis assessment of patients with pain and numbness in the wrist area. It is important to highlight that in US examination the changes in patients’ conditions are almost imminently evident, whereas in EMG diagnostics the alterations become apparent only after a few weeks. Additionally, the ultrasonography is a method for a confirmation of CTS diagnosis after such has been made based on physical examination and presence of symptoms.


carpal tunnel syndrome ultrasonography electromyography anatomical variations

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